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Even his little brother is happy having his big brother back.  These are the moments I cherish. Advertisements

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The Calm After the Storm

I almost hate to blog about this for fear of jinxing things.  Life has been going extremely well. Shortly after we started my son on Depakote, things completely broke down with him.  We had another emergency meeting at a behavioral … Continue reading

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Me Time

Many have asked about what I do for myself.  This is my me time.  Carefully tabbing my notes is so therapeutic.  Getting lost in a pathology book that’s drier than a nun’s nasty is a retreat.  Knowing I’m bettering myself … Continue reading

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Broken Heart

I often wonder why?  So many questions with no answers. Things have been going rather well with my husband.  We had a huge blow up, I lost my temper and he lost his.  And the dam opened and words came … Continue reading

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End of This Chapter?

I’m usually a fairly laid back person.  I tend to keep quiet and find myself saying sorry for things I have no control over.  I try not to make waves and tend to keep the status quo, or try to.  … Continue reading

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It’s Been a Long Few Months

I don’t know where to even begin.  Time has moved fast and slow.  The days have seemed to be endless, yet the weeks and months have flown by.  College courses and kids have kept me busy.  I try to stay … Continue reading

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Was it worth it?

It’s been a long time. I’ve been so busy. I started my program and have been stuck in books for the last month. Kinesiology is kicking my ass. I keep telling myself it will all be worth it. I need … Continue reading

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