Thoughts left to me from Robin Williams

I’ve heard many things over the past few days that deeply saddened and angered me.  I’ve read a lot of mistruths and many people who think they are saying the right things with empathy.

Take for example: Things will get better.  

I understand the sentiment, but no, no they don’t get better.  When you have a severe mental illness, it doesn’t just one day disappear or slowly get better.  It’s a fight everyday.

Or this gem:  That’s the cowards way out.

No, no it’s not.  Mr. Williams fought this demon for decades.  Decades.  He fought and he hid it from the rest of the world.  He put up a front every single day.  Putting up those fronts are exhausting.  In too many cases, life ending exhausting.

This assessment: But he had everything anyone could ever want.

Great, he was rich and famous.  Unfortunately, like any disease, mental illness spares no one.   The stigma attached to these diseases often demands that you hide and suffer in silence.  And unfortunately, suicide thrives on silence.  

I am deeply saddened that Mr. Williams had reached a dark so dark that he couldn’t find his way back.  The world lost a brilliant man that brought so much happiness to everyone around him when he couldn’t find it for himself.  

I’ve seen how hard it is to fight those demons and it scares me knowing there are so many who fight alone.  Rest in peace Mr. Williams.

My one hope is my husband knows he isn’t alone and keeps finding his way back.


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