There’s not much I can do or say when he tells me he’s not happy.  There’s nothing left but tears when he tells me I’m the reason he’s manic.  There’s nothing more I can say except I love you and goodbye as he walks out the door.

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6 Responses to Goodbye

  1. mimi says:

    Ahh, Zebra, I am so sorry. But we know that it isn’t your fault. I wish he could see one day how great you are. You hold on and you keep this family together. He leaves but what about his son, what are you supposed to tell him? Does he explain anything to him? I am so angry that you have to go through it all. My ex-boyfriend wanted so badly to be friends, but last time I heard from him was 6 weeks ago. So go figure! But he is only helping me to forget about him! But you are a family and there are children, and your son deserves a Dad who wants to get better…


  2. mimi says:

    Thank you, Zebra… but I am not sorry, he is probably out partying, drinking and having flings because he wants to feel loved without mentioning he has issues. It was me who had issues…ha! And I wanted to talk about them, but his communication was always silence. I turned my pain into something positive, went travelling, improved at work, improved relationships with family and friends. And I came to your blog 🙂 and it is not you who is to blame here, you are a hero but please, please don’t be one at any cost because you have only one life and you deserve no pain…I don’t say you should leave your husband but he needs to realize that ill or not, his actions carry consequences and he should be made responsible for them…like any other adult is…your home is not a hotel that he can check-in and check-out whenever he wishes…how about you leaving because you feel tired and let him run the household and worry where you are…


    • zebrabrie says:

      I completely understand what you are saying and it’s a point I’ve brought up. I’m left to deal with the responsible adult things. During a really bad phase there were several times I was left scrambling to find a sitter and even calling off due to lack of finding one. I’m not sure what’s going on right now. Some days I’m just at a loss.


  3. mimi says:

    Since he is so unhappy with you, maybe it’s time for him to stay with his parents and for you to use the papers that are under your bed. Maybe instead of being at loss, you should become angry. Not spiteful, but angry because you know, anger can sometimes bring change. If he is so unhappy that he needs to keep abandoning the family, let him go but he should not be allowed back until HE IS NOT ONLY BETTER BUT ALSO HAS A PLAN TO REMAIN WELL AT ANY COST JUST LIKE YOU WANT TO MAKE IT WORK AT ANY COST. If he doesnt feel like he owes it to you, he should at least do it for the child. I cannot comprehend that he leaves like that. What if you have an emergency situation with your son, you need to rush to hospital and Daddy is nowhere to be found because he decided to check out due to his unhappiness.


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